Private Collateral

Bulldog Capital Group specializes in the private collateral market. Our collateral providers control over 100B in cash-backed collateral, financial instruments, proof of funds and backing. For those exemplary projects or commodity trade transactions with a solid plan and exit strategy we can structure unique options.

Whether you require private collateral for commodity trade, balance sheet enhancement, or a credit-rated instrument to back your structure, we can place your request. Our groups provide proven relationships with Top 25 World Banks, Private Financial Institutions, Non-Rated US & International Banks at a fraction of the cost existing in today’s marketplace. Over 90% of our business is direct referral and repeat clients; we look forward to helping you find the right fit.

  • If you have a solid transaction but lack the capital, we provide these capital partners.
  • Collateral Backing for Structure Finance, Import/Export, Commodities Trading, Balance Enhancement and more.
  • 1month – 5 year terms.

Private Collateral Providers Providing POF & Instruments Via SWIFT:

The advantage to Private Collateral Providers:

  • Collateral provided at a fraction of the upfront and back-end cost Top 25 charges
  • Faster, more flexible turn time and easier qualification process then that of Top 25.
  • Cash backed proof of funds, instruments and collateral provided in SWIFT message formats same as Top 25
  • Private Providers more willing to transact on out-of-box procedures which may be required on your project.
  • Providing SWIFT: MT198, MT199, MT998, MT999, MT700, MT760, LC, SBLC, BG, Blocked Funds, VOD, Bank Comfort Letters (BCL), Financial Comfort Letters (FCL) and Balance Enhancements. *(View POF Disclosure at Bottom of Page)

Top 25 A-BBB+ Paper Collateral Providers Providing LC, SBLC, BG &  POF Via SWIFT:

Our Private Collateral Groups are alternative asset managers with more than $100 billion under management providing collateral starting at a $500K minimum. Delivering Letters of Credit (LC), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), or Bank Guarantees (BG) via SWIFT MT760 from institutions such as:  UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Barclay’s London or ABN Amro. (100% Cash Backed Collateral)

US & International Groups funding against rated BBB+ instruments such as LTN, MTN, Bonds, CD’s, ETFS, Securities:

These groups with offices in the US & throughout the world enjoy long-term relationships with principals of Bulldog Capital Group for upwards of 14 years.  These groups provide unique opportunities customized to the client’s needs and the current market conditions. They are supported by a national network of loan professionals, registered financial reps, legal, and research support personnel. They provide terms based on evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the securities to be pledged as collateral. Their proprietary research and analytic system utilizes a multitude of financial metrics and hedging strategies to maximize and support the equity loan process.

All transactions requiring any POF or Collateral Based Service will go through our exclusive Due Diligence Program. Clients are required to participate first in our Due Diligence Program to ensure you are involved in a legitimate transaction. Today’s market is being flooded with brokers, intermediaries, mandates and fake contracts or fraudulent programs such as outrageous PPP trade agreements, commodity contracts and financing programs. Bulldog Capital Funding, LLC will complete a series of tests, research our fraud database and compile third-party background checks. Additionally we may choose to involve direct bank communications via SWIFT to verify the legitimacy of your transaction. This program continues to save our clients millions per year in fees that would have been paid to non performers faking their abilities and preying on your lack of industry knowledge. This program will empower you to know the proper process, verify the true parties and know you are not going to be taken for a ride.

*Proof of Funds / Collateral Disclaimer:  Bulldog Capital Group will not accept submissions for Proof of Funds services if it involves qualifying for any loan whether it be private, commercial or otherwise. Our Proof of Funds services are for legitimate buy/sell transactions where the broker/middleman must show financial capacity but wishes to leave his end buyer anonymous in order to protect his potential profit.