Bulldog Capital Group redefines the private lending and collateral markets for those seeking commercial lending, trade finance or collateral backing. We go many steps further then most brokers, lenders or consultants you have encountered. By verifying your transactions and ours, we provide a level of comfort most can not offer.

We stay focused on the immediate and overall needs of our clients while offering unique solutions and services. Bulldog Capital Group provides our clients with first-rate, independent, seasoned advice in all commercial lending, collateral and import/export transactions.

We bring forward strategic solutions and financial relationships for clients seeking loans starting at $1 million USD or collateral backing starting at $500k on up. We meet this through Private US and International Banking Institutions, Investment Bankers, Venture Capital, Private Collateral Groups, Asset Managers and Alternative Funding Groups with over $175B in verifiable backing.

You will quickly notice our sole purpose is to design your request with a clear focused strategy, one that not only meets your goals but that of our Consortium’s. We pride ourselves in educating you throughout the process while sharing all options, compliance and due diligence findings.

Please review our site, contact us directly if you would like to apply, have any questions or would like some extra guidance before taking your next step. Be sure to check out our testimonials with over 18 written recommendations and over 1100 personal and corporate endorsements on LinkedIn.

Bulldog Capital Group always recommends consulting your own professional associates, legal and tax professionals. Bulldog Capital Group is a division of Bulldog Capital Funding, LLC